Do You Need a Car Loan?We Say YES
Boise Cars on Credit is a locally owned independent company, where we offer car loans to people with credit problems. Our Buy Here Pay Here financing program is a fast and easy option that has been chosen by thousands of customers shopping for used cars in Boise. In fact, this financing plan has been created in such a way that can be tailored for anyone, depending on their requirements and financial situation. This means you have come to the right place and we will make sure YOU get the best possible deal! If you have a difficult credit situation and are looking for a trustworthy dealer who offers a wide variety of used cars, our company will not only help you choose the right vehicle, but also develop a finance plan specially customized to your needs. We understand that hardworking people may also go through a rough financial patch that can affect their credit records. Emergency or unexpected expenses like medical bills, bankruptcy, career changes and a divorce can some of the many things that can make it difficult for you to get a car loan. Our goal is to offer you a chance to make a selection from an extensive range of used cars through easy financial options. We believe in:

  • Giving Special Attention to Your Needs
  • Offering Different Types of Payment Options
  • Helping You Rebuild Your Credit

Our loan plans can cater to almost any credit position, no matter how challenging it is. The best part of the plan is that it is Easy! Just click on the "Get Started" button located on the right, provide some basic information about yourself, and we will begin working for you. It's that easy! You can also check out the cars available with us online. Click on the "Browse our Inventory" button and check out the cars and their features. Let us know if you see one that is suitable for you.


Great Customer Service
We have been offering our services since many years and understand the needs and expectations of the local people in Boise. Once we help our customers get a reliable used car, we also take care of them AFTER the sale. Our outstanding customer service includes:

 - Comprehensive Customer Care Center
 - Towing free for the duration of your contract --All-inclusive Repair Facility
 - Oil Changes at 
 only $19.95

We believe in making our customers happy with our services, and their satisfaction is evident in the fact that they come back to thank our Customer Care officers. If you want to know how our customers feel about our services, click on "What People Say" to get their views on our finance plans and their experience with us.


Impressive Selection!
Why must you settle for less while buying a used car, even if you have unfavorable credit? At our company, you can select a car ranging from SUVs to sedans. We provide you with:

--Variety of Choice
--Online Car Shopping Option
--The Car that YOU Need

Browse through our selection of dependable, inspected used cars, and when you like one, click on the "Get Started" button, enter your information and book a test drive with us.